Sunday, July 17, 2016

Creating a Masking Effect

Creating a Masking Effect

Alright guys, I will show you right now how to make a simple masking effects tutorial in Photoshop CS5 .  Actually this tutorial is kinda easy to do, you just need to be creative and enjoy what you are doing.

So lets start!

Here is the Final Image that we’re going to do today! Simple Masking Effect – Capri Sun.

Requirements for this tutorial:

1. A stock photo of any pictures of your choice. I used the photo from deviantart by 7Roses1BrokenHeart (Just click the name) if you want to used the same photo.
2. A splat brushes, there are so many splat brush you can choose just look at thedeviant art.
Open a New Document in Photoshop, I used 640×480 pixels for this tutorial. And the Resolution is 100. And begin to create a new Layer.

Get your Gradient tool (G) setup the color to the image below. Apply it now in your bg layer.

And add some highlights in your background by adding some dark color. See the image below. And group it by a folder named bg.

Now let’s create a splatter, create new layer and your chosen splat brush use it. Just place it in the center of your newly created layer. See the image below on what it will look like.

Now let’s add the stock photo that we use or any photo you want to used. Drag it to the main document and you will that the stock photo of the girl is above of our SPLAT layer.
So here it comes the masking effect, hover your mouse in the middle of the the Splat layer and the Stock layer while pressing Alt then click it with your left mouse. See the Image below.

Just add some drop shadow in your Splat Layer using the blending option. See the configuration below..

So that’s it guys,
Simple Masking Effect using Photoshop CS5 by Share it guys to your friend. :)

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